A new class in town not just for the "Rich and Famous"

Okay April 23 we will be running T3T as a new class featuring 3 class in one night as a package deal for the tracks and our racers. If this goes well we will be doing this 1 Saturday a month at Texas Raceway. So tell your friends and family and FB so we can fill the stands and keep a solid place to race for good money. I need a represented for Small Tire and Pro 5.0 to keep up with points through out year if interested in this please contact me, do not volunteer for this job if you can not keep up with it. We will use our membership towards end of year awards and banquet or larger purse race we will vote on this at the 3rd race of the year. If any racer gets sponsor money that money will go to the class he runs.

T3T the class will be ran under same rules as always we will draw for our time to run out of 5.80, 5.90, 6.0.  The Texas Pro 5.0 portion of this will be ran under same rules as before also. There are tabs on this page with the general rules of these two classes.

The new class will be a Small tire no wheelie bars and no tire larger than 28 x 10.5 NON W or 275 drag radial. The new Mickey Pro bracket Radial 28 is okay as well or any  slick or radial smaller. Stock suspension or Back half cars only. NO CHASSIS CARS. NO TIMES WILL BE SHOWN! .4ths Pro Tree, Track Manager has final call if question arises on round based on NHRA rules. Bolt in front ends like Kim Smith allowed. If you have a car that does not offer a bolt in front end then I will make a call based on a individual car bases on if the car has a unfair advantage. I will have a committee to look at any of these cars and they along with myself will vote on the cars approval. If your have a question concerning your car call me.

SMALL TIRE PAYOUT  Entry $125.00 Car and Driver

8 car Field

Winner $2000.00 R/u $750.00 Semi $250.00 5-8 $100.00

15+ Car Field

Winner $3000.00 R/u $1000.00 Semi $350.00 Qtrs $150.00


Texas Pro 5.0 Payout—Entry $125.00 Car/Driver

8 car field

Winner $1200.00 R/U $500 Semi $250 5/8 $100

15+ car Field

Winner $2000 R/U $750 Semi $350 Qtrs $125


T3T Index ENTRY FEE WILL NOW BE $100.00—– Buy Back will stay 50.00

8 Car Payout                12 thur 16 Car Payout           17 and up Payout

Winner 1000.00              Winner 1200.00                   Winner  1500.00

R/U       300.00                 R/U      300.00                      R/U      500.00

Semi     200.00                 Semi     200.00                      Semi     300.00

                                           QTR       100.00                      QTR      100.00

                               2nd rd loser 50.00                 2nd rd losers-75.00






































































All info below is from past season of T3T only

Congratulation to the 2013 Points Champions Paul Harris and Swyden Racing and All the Points Winners

T3T Points Winners 2013

T3T Points Winners 2013








Swyden Racing and Paul Harris T3T and Texas Pro 5.00 Champs 2013

Swyden Racing and Paul Harris T3T and Texas Pro 5.00 Champs 2013























*************UPDATED 2/27/2013**********HPW has announced they r coming back for our and their 3rd Season. This year they will again sponsor a Champion jacket, 500.00 gift card HPW for your high performance needs, tires, etc.. to the Points Winner. PLEASE click on the Points tab to the right to see the Qualifications for the points series HPW is the main sponsor of and all the prize packages awarded us by them.

So again I ask you support those who support us.

Congratulations to Paul Harris on his win in Texas Pro 5.0 last night and Randy Thorn on his runner up. Just a quick reminder T3T has a double race weekend next weekend Friday night at Texas Raceway and Saturday night at Texas Motorplex in Ennis Texas. On Saturday night we will be running with the Texas X275 class come on out and enjoy the show or race your car at in the Big Show.

7/27/2013 Redline raceway update………….It is a short week so I’ll  make this update short. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS especially our title sponsor HPW in Garland and don’t forget to tell them when you r there that you r T3T Member to receive your discount and that you appreciate them sponsoring us.  We drew 6.20 so this FRIDAY at the 11th annual BHRA at Texas Raceway we will run 5.80 or 6.0. What a honor we have been invited to be part of the big show with Jet cars, Funny car, Promod, Front engine Dragster and the preview of our all new sister class Texas Pro 5.0 Racing Association. The gates open at 3 pm for racers and the schedule is on our FB page. The final round last week saw Paul Harris and David Kopp who seem to be on a role they ran all out in the finals and Paul edge out David. We hope to see you all this Friday someone has gotta stop these 2, who will it be. See you guys Friday Night Under The Lights at Texas Raceway.

Last night was a great night of racing and as always Texas Raceway and their staff treated us great. Our next race is at Redline Raceway and is on July 27th it is a double points race as well anything could happen in this points with these double points races. There was some amazing side by side racing and again it ended up being a drivers race. I have people tell me “Index racing is no fun”.Let me say to anyone who thinks that get your butt out here and try it. Anyone that can drive a race car can let go of a trans break and go fast to the other in……..The real talent is in tuning your car and learning to race against people who most certainly r even matched to you it isn’t about who has the most money it is about finding out who is on their game that night and who isn’t. It is a drivers game and you hope to be the better driver at any given time down the track. Now on to the good stuff we had 12 cars last night and tons of fun. New comer Jeremy Thorn whom is still trying to get his car lines out had trouble in the staging lines and couldn’t get it fired off. Randy Thorn made it back out with us and had alittle trouble on the tree car was wanting to roll on him when he pushed the trans break but he ran a 5.83@132 he was rolling. It was a double points race the points line changed for alot of people. New comer only his 2nd race with us Ray Garcia just got his lined out and is diffidently gonna be a contender now. Point leader Paul Harris had nothing but bad luck last night, fuel line lose, starter went out, cut his hands all up trying to change starter diffidently wasn’t his night. Bud Morgan collected the bounty on Paul 2nd round they were .001 different on the tree and came down to the finish line racing I was talking about earlier it was Bud night last night. Paul Polizzo is now 2nd in points had amazing lights allllll night and got down to the semis against Tom Walker and he had gone .003 green the rd before got a little to cautious and got beat on the tree by Tom. I made a bad call against  Vincent Rangel and patted the gas one to many times and got beat by .019 again it is all driver skill in the game and clearly Vincent was the better driver against me last night. NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF………..Tom Walker would meet David KOPP in the finals we were all soooooooooo excited and wanted Tom to get  his first win with us (Nothing personal David) he just got a little over zealous on the tree and got a red light but it was still a drag race with a 5.816 to David’s 5.817. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and ALL OUR SPONSORS.

David KOPP winner TXR 7/5/2013

David KOPP winner TXR 7/5/2013










Tom and Sue Walker Runner Up TXR

Tom and Sue Walker
Runner Up TXR









Paul Harris wins again. Who is gonna take him out……………Stay tuned to find out 7/5/2013 at Texas Raceway at a DOUBLE POINTS RACE lets see who can beat him. I’m putting a 100.00 bounty on anyone who puts him out after 1st round bye backs. Vincent Rangel runner up with Ray Brown and David car owners and partners with a whole crew of family and friends.

Paul Harris Winner 6/22/2013 Redline Raceway

Paul Harris Winner 6/22/2013
Redline Raceway











Vincent Rangel Ray and David Runner Up 6/22/2012

Vincent Rangel
Ray and David
Runner Up 6/22/2012









Quick update on 6/7/2013 from TXR sorry I didn’t get it up quicker. David Kopp new comer to T3T won the race in an all out victory over veteran Paul Harris. We ran 5.80 that night and as always there was tons of literally side by side decision being made off the tree. The best race of the night came in the semis when Paul Polizzo ran David Kopp and Paul had a .052 lite to David .039 light and at the strip David 5.812 and Paulie was 5.819 it was close. And it was both of their worse lights of the night. Thank you to all who came out racers and fans. Thanks to TXR staff for great place to race. MOST of all THANKS TO HIGH PERFORMANCE WORLD and all our SPONSORS.

David KOPP winner TXR

David KOPP winner TXR










May 17th from Texas Raceway. It was a crazy night again like last week at Redline Raceway. The closest side by side races it is getting tough over here. First round points leader Paul Harris broke out with a 6.186. Bud Morgan and Bobby Moffet had the closet race of the night with Bobby taking the win first round by .003. Bobby had a .001 light to Bud .011 light and they took to the stip Bobby running 6.229 and Bud running 6.222. New comer Gene “Catfish” Lenderman got his first win round one against Vincent Rangel. Pretty good new comer, new car and taken out one of our veterans. 2nd round after every who lost bought back. Barry Williams also new to T3T this year went .005 red that is crazy disappointing, but I told by a very wise old man “If u don’t red light every now and then u aren’t trying hard enough”. Barry has brand new car built for T3T and he is already right in the game he is gonna be hard to beat as well. Round 3 highlight was Bud Morgan and Vincent with Bud edging Vincent out on the tree getting the win but it was a margin of victory of only .041 another crazy close race. In the semis Paul Polizzo and Bobby Moffet went head to again side by side action Paulie had a .017 light to Moffet .052 and they carried to the line with Moffet running a 6.203 to Paulie 6.199 if that make sick. So the finals would see Moffet and Bud in a all out race with Moffet worse light prior to the final being a .010 and his light against Bud 1st round being a .001 he slipped a little a had a .110 reaction (guess he been watching me the round before and learned how not to cut alight) Bud had a .053 and took the win running a 5.82 to Moffet losing 5.78. So it was another great night of crazy side by side action. We would like to thank Cindi at Texas Raceway for carrying on the race with the threat of bad weather right on our toes all night and all the staff at Txr for being accommodating and great as always. Our next race is Friday June 7th at Texas Raceway where we will be allowing chassis cars in for the first time. So that you who may not like this we can not let our class suffer as a whole because of car count. We have all worked to hard to build this class and make it successful and we owe it to our sponsor, members, and tracks who support us to have a big field hopefully with the addition of the chassis cars we will get our car count back up in the 20’s as it was before. Also with us running a .5th pro tree they have no real advantage over the back half it is a equalizer for their lack of weight on the starting line. Also be aware their are going to be some scheduling changes due to some opportunities with Dallas Raceway under the new ownership with Mike and management of Kelly and Monica. I’m not sure what all is going to change or what will be added as far as dates. I will let you all know as soon as I do. Again thanks to all who support us.

Bud Morgan winner TXR 517 with special guest star Patrick Byrd

Bud Morgan winner TXR 517 with special guest star Patrick Byrd

Bobby Moffer runner up 5 27 TXR

Bobby Moffer runner up 5 27 TXR











Okay so Saturday was another success thanks to the racers and Redline Raceway and their staff for a great place to race. 5.80 was the time drawn and there was some great side by side racing. New comer Barry Williams came out to race his first race with us with his brand new built car. We love see new comers and wish the rest we know would hurry up and get those cars done. Paul Harris took the win AGAIN with Spencer Johnson in the Cornbread car runner u/p. That makes 4 in a row for Paul he had won the first two races this year and he won the last two races last year. So this week we will have a 150.00 bounty on anyone who beats Mr Harris at the strip. Jason Skiles joined us this year as well and he and Mr Tom Walker had a really close race in the 3rd round of racing.  Paul Polizzo found himself .009 red against me 3rd round running a 5.806 so that really hurt he was dang near perfect all the way around. I guess I learned from him because I found myself .008 red again Paul Harris in the semi’s. Len Conner and I had a little pedal fest in the 3rd round after Len took a nap of the tree helping me edge him out at the strip my 5.87 to his 5.82. Vincent Rangel in the Freaky Monza ran a 5.81 right off the trailer with Monza first race back since last year, pretty impressive. Lloyd Martin broke out with a 5.7917 in the 2nd round and that has to hurt alittle to. Pretty impressive though since this is the first time he had his new 5.o car out running T3T with us and trying to slow it down. All in all another great night. Look forward to seeing everyone at TXR this Friday and see if anyone can dethrown Mr Harris. Thanks again to all our sponsors and Redline Raceway. This Friday at TXR the times will be 6.0 or 6.20

Paul Harris Redline 2013

Paul Harris Redline 2013












Spencer Johnson R/u Redline Raceway 2013

Spencer Johnson R/u Redline Raceway 2013









First race of 2013 in the books. We drew 6.20 so the next race will be ran on 5.80 or 6.00. We had 4 new comers to T3T and James Satterwhite, Jason Grubaugh, Len Conner, and Scott Lemons. All with no testing for T3T prior to that night and new combo and couple new drivers and they did pretty well, I look for them to big great contenders also. 2012 points champ Bud Morgan broke the tranny, Eddie Valera got his going again came early got some test hits got dialed in and then got ready for Q and broke the axle and scrapped the wall. New comer James Satterwhite broke the tranny as well. Randy Thorn came out with his beautiful new car and just guess at the stripe and went a 6.17 pretty dang good 2nd year driver. Returning veteran racer Tom Walker got down to the semi’s as well as returning driver Bobby Moffet. Paul Harris and Moffet had a close race in the semi’s with Harris getting the edge on the tree. Paul Polizzo pulled off jack stands from last year and brought it out and ran 6.205 first round slowed it down alittle for 2nd round and the crazy thing picked up a broke out 6.16. In the finals Shan Morgan and Paul Harris decided to run it all out. I guess I got a little nervous because I red light so bad I’m still blinded by the red giving Harris the win. Our next race is at Redline raceway and we looked forward to a great night of racing and some more new comers. Thanks to our sponsors, the racers and the fans.

Paul Harris Winner TXR

Paul Harris Winner TX












Photos from our Banquet


































THANK YOU TO TEXAS RACEWAY, REDLINE RACEWAY, ALL OUR SPONSORS, ALL THE RACERS and FANS for making our first two seasons a success, it takes all of us to make this work. And our 3rd season will start in April this year. We aren’t starting in March to give everyone with new build another month to get finished.

Sorry for the wait but our last race was great fun. We had 15 cars there and 5.80 was time drawn for the night. Paul Harris won the race in and all out final against team mate Andy Dutchover. Vincent Rangel and Mike Reed drew each others 1st round with Mike coming out winner by .005. Vincent bought back and drew Mike again and this time Vincent broke out with a 5.7997both rounds were crazy close and great racing. Bobby Moffet who had been contender in the points got a little excited first round again Tom “Wheelie” Walker and went.02 red on the tree. He bought back in and left and his nitrous didn’t come on costing him his chance at 2nd in the points. Paul Polizzo had a close won in the semis again Dutchover had to watch for the ligt on the tree couldn’t tell who was gonna come out the victor. Overall another great night of side by side racing and good close of the year. Thanks to Redline Raceway for great place to race and all the sponsor who help us make this all happen. There r gonna be limited to changes to our program but if you wanna have a voice in it you’ll need to make sure and be at the party/banquet.

Paul Harris Winner 11/10/2012 Redline Raceway









Well our last race of the season at TXR was a cold one and a long one thanks to someone oiling entire track all the way around return road. We had 11 cars and a good night of racing and Texas Raceway Staff did a great job between oil downs, wrecks and the cold giving us. We drew 6.0 for our time so the last race of the season will wither be 6.20 or 5.80. Paul Harris cut a .005 light and  took the win over Shan Morgan in the finals. Paul Polizzo was back with us after missing a couple race and had a .007 taking the win over Randy Thorn rd one. Thanks again to Texas Raceway, the fans and racers for supporting us. Most of all our Sponsors.

Paul Harris winner TXR 10 05 2012








Another one in the books. It was a tough night with NHRA being in town and want to thank Redline Raceway for supporting our orgnazation even with NHRA being in town. We drew 6.20 as the time for the evening. First round found was tough with break outs, and second round everyone bought back in. Bobby Moffet 3rd in Points and myself 2nd in points both had to buy back and 2nd round we drew each other the winning going to Moffett by a margin of victory of .0005 it doesn’t get much more side by side close than that. Cody Stafford won over Randy Thorn because Randy just couldn’t get his car to slow down ultimately giving Cody a 5 point advantage in the points standing over Randy but watch out Randy will knock your head off on the tree and this should be a good fight to the end. Mike Reed with his new combination couldn’t get a handle on his truck and didn’t move in standings but held his place over Vincent but he is gun for Mike. With 2 more races left and the last one being double points it is gonna come down to that for the top 8 in points. New comer Lloyd Martin did well with his tagged and inspected street car went all the way to the finals where he meet Bud Morgan they ran all out and LLoyd didn’t quite have enough for Morgan. Thanks to all who came out and again to Redline Raceway for giving us a place to race and ALL our sponsors.

Gary Wayne with Hired Gun Bud Morgan Winner 9/27 Redline Raceway











Lloyd Martin Runner Up 9/27/2012 Redline Raceway









It was another great night at the track for us. We had 11 car but unfortunately Michael Hollis broke before we got started.  5.80 Was the time drawn and Vincent Rangel who went on th win in an all out final round again Shan Morgan ran a 5.807 first round. Randy Thorn who has fast moved up in points had another night of being deadly on the tree with a .004 and .001 you better be on your game when you pull up beside him. Mike Reed went .006 Red second round giving Vincent the win. Second round everyone bought back in and we had 5 rounds of side by side again except Scott Watkins got a competition bye when Cody Stafford couldn’t make the call with a dead battery. Second round also found Bobby Moffet sleeping alittle on the tree causing him to have to run me down and caused him to break out. Paul Harris who missed the last race was alittle off himself along with Bud Morgan our points leader in the second round they both broke out. Setting up Scott Watkins and Shan in semi as well as Vincent and Randy Thorn and even with Randy .001 light VIncent edged him out for the win. Our next race is Sept 22 at Redline Raceway come on out and have alittle fun and see alittle racing. As always we appreciate our sponsors please use thme and mention you saw them here on our site. www.t3tdragwacing.com

Winner Vincent Rangel 9/7/2012 Texas Raceway




Okay another good night of racing in the books Saturday night at Redline Raceway. First thank to Kelly Monica and the whole staff at Redline for another great night, good track and the fans and racers who came. We had 10 cars and one broke before we even got started so it put us down to 9. 6.0 was the rime drawn and Mike Reed found himself the lucky one who got the bye for first round. Points leader Bud Morgan blew head gasket and ended his night. Randy Thorn got lucky first round when Cody Stafford broke out. Luck returned the favor and Cody got lucky second round when I went .004 red. Third round Randy tranny gave out on him and Cody won. Scott Watkins knocked the bottom off tree and sent Vincent home. The finals saw Scott Watkins and Cody Stafford with a real close race Cody having a slight advantage off the tree but Scott ran a 6.010 for the win.

Scott Watkins Winner 08/25 Redline Raceway











Cody Stafford and Randy Stafford Runner up 8/25/2012 Redline Raceway



Sorry I forgot to update after the last race at TXR on Aug 3 but we had another great night of racing BHRA was a big success and we all had fun. T3T was also show cased in front of a lot of people who don’t frequent the track. We thru out 20 T3T t shirts to the crown and hopefully got a few new fans. 5.80 was the time that was pulled. In the semis Cody Stafford and Mike Reed ran each other with Mike Reed cut a .002 light causing Cody Stafford to have to run him down and ending up breaking out 5.798. It was a great race. In the finals Mike Reed and Bud Morgan ran all out Mike Reed bust the tree down with a .015 but he spun and his 5.814 wasn’t enough to hold off Bud 5.70. Thanks to TXR race staff the racers and fans for supporting us.


OKAY here is our tentative schedule for tomorrow night. Since there r so many things going on at TXR tomorrow with the BHRA we will not have the luxury of running at our leisure so I need all of you racing to be on time and listen as we will not have time to go find individuals and tell them to come to lanes or come down for drawing etc…………..SO WHEN YOU GET DONE WITH ROUND get your car on charger and come to trailer for drawing or send a crew member immediately down. We will have a area with 15 spots for T3T so we can pit together to try and help with timing and pairing so we can leave pits together with whoever we r running and go straight to lanes. Since it is special event TXR has gotten the winner for tomorrow a 4 or 5 ft trophy. I doesn’t appear looking over the schedule for tomorrow that u will have time to test so the only test it u will get will b the one we make together, but we will all have to run our cars with no testing so make the best of it. When u get to opening of pits their should be man standing there tell him u r with T3T and he will direct u to where we r. Again PLEASE BE LISTENING AND READY so that u don’t miss around or something. I would try to be there at least by 6 so u have time to unload and be prepared if at all possible. And get me your tech cards asap…………..

DRIVER MEETING 7pm sharp (if u r in traffic call so I can put u in drawing)

Qualifier 7:30

RD 1 8:30

Rd 2 9:15

Rd 3 9:40

Rd 4 10:30

Finals 11:10 —







Another one in the books at Redline Raceway Saturday Night. It was our 3rd double points race of the year. We had 12 cars there braving the heat. Cody Stafford won the closest to dial with a 6.001 but this class is getting tougher every week. Vincent Rangel ran a 6.002, Paul Polizzo ran a 6.006,Bud Morgan ran a 6.0092 Mike Reed ran a 6.003 in the semi’s to edge out Cody Stafford. It was a crazy night all 6 first round loser bought back in so we had 12 cars again 2nd round. There was some tight racing and alot of redlights. The finals saw Myself and Mike Reed and we chose to run all out he ran faster than me but got alittle happy and left early .022 red. The closet loser bonus went to Bud Morgan against Mike Reed losing by like .002. As always thanks to Redline Raceway and their staff for a awesome racing surface even in the heat. See u guys this Friday at Texas Raceway for the next one.

Shan Morgan and Derek Lewis Winner Redline Raceway










Mike Reed and Buddy Ward Runner UP Redline









Another good night of race. I would like to Thank GOD first for another safe night of racing for all. Thanks to all the fans and racers who came out in the heat for another good night and Texas Raceway. We had 12 cars who should up for the DBL POINTS race and we drew 6.20 as the index. Randy Thorn won the perfect reaction time bonus that is given by our points sponsor HIGH PERFORMANCE WORLD Jon and Stacey* Simikic. Randy also won the 100.00 closet to dial bonus with a 6.226 edging out Mike Reed 6.227. Paul Polizzo won the 100.00 closet margin of victory loss with his race 2nd round again Bud Morgan by losing by like .0018. Vincent Rangel has paired up with Ray Brown and David while is truck is down for repair with their Monza and they r coming right around been the semi last two races  and had tranny failure last night causing him to lose in the semi. Tanny failure seemed to be the catch for the night with myself, Cody Stafford and Vincent going on home over tranny problems. Oh well that is racing. The fianl round would pair Bud Morgan against Bobby Moffet with Moffett taking his second win of the year. Again thanks to everyone for making our class a success. See u at the next one on July 28th at Redline Raceway.

Mr and Mrs Bobby Moffett in the winners cicrle for the 2nd time this year July 6 at TXR




Paul Harris was winner Saturday night at Redline Raceway and Paul Polizzo runner up more info on FB page. They ran all out in the finals. Randy THorn put Joe Bonner and Myself on the trailer with .008 light two times in a row and then redlight against Harris in the finals. We had 16 cars there and as always thank you to Redline Raceway and staff for great night or racing and ll the fans who came out. Thank you see you at the next one 7/6/2012 at Texas Raceway

Paul Harris Winner 6/23 Redline Raceway


Runner up Redline race 6/23 Paul Polizzo






Congratulations to Bobby Moffett on his first win at TXR last night. There was some awesome side by side racing. We drew 5.80 and man everyone was on there game. Scott Watkins ran a 5.803 in Q, I ran a 5.807 in Q. First round of racing brought 7 breakouts. 5 of those were 5.786 or less. 2nd round was a little disappointing for Scott Watkins in ran a 5.803 but went .001 red on the tree. He is right there every race better watch out he is fixing to get him one. 3rd round racing brought some more close round brought some side by side crazy close racing. William Eastwood (new to driving and this kind of racing) ran veteran racer Paul Harris with Harris winning but only by .034 boy u couldn’t tell. William ran a 5.804, Harris just had him by.025 on the light. That round won William the 100.00 bonus for closest to ET of the night in a clean round of racing. William is another you better watch out for he is getting tougher every time out. Then the race of the century and since it was so close I believe I can say it came down between two veterans Bobby Moffett and Paul Polizzo where Moffet would come out the victory by .0005. Moffett had a .037 light to Paul .038 and Paul ran a 5.838 @120.63 and Moffett ran a 5.839@120.33. Man it was on of the closest races i’ve ever seen.  Paul Harris would draw the buy in the semi leaving it to Moffet and Vincent Rangel to decided who would go to the finals against him. Rangel went .009 red giving the win to Moffet. In the final Paul Harris went .056 on the tree something that is rare for him but he is deadly on a tree Moffet went .034 the chase was on and Harris misjudge a little probably because he use to being in front because of his awesome reaction times and he went a little to fast breaking out with a 5.782 giving Bobby Moffett his first win. Paul Polizzo won the 100.00 closest margin of victory race with his lose to Moffet. Harris breakout in finals rolled runner up money back to VIncent Rangel causing the semi money to roll back to Paul Polizzo. It was a exciting fun night of racing and I would like to thank all the racers who came. I would like to thank all the fans who came and continue to support our organization with out ya’ll we couldn’t make it happen, like th thank TEXAS RACEWAY and their staff for a great place to race and smooth night. Lastly to ALL OUR SPONSORS we couldn’t do without your help also and we really appreciate it.

Bobby Moffett Winner TXR 6/01/2012


Redline Raceway 5th race of season in books. Car count was a little down from Holiday was the same last year in July next year we won’t book on the holiday weekends. Still had a great night of racing we drew 6.0 and man was there some close races. Richard Blair ran a 6.0067 that same round Willie Foster our winner ran a 6.0069. ON our one Q hit Mike Reed ran a 6.0044 then in the 2nd round he ran a 5.9979. Vincent Rangel 6.0093 in the 1st round but caught up on the tree a little. In the finals Willie Foster and Bud Morgan ran all out it was a nice round with Willie running a 5.79 and Bud coming up a little short. Thanks as always to Redline Raceway and staff for a great racing surface and a clean night of racing. Thanks to all who came and to the fans. See u all this Friday at TXR where it will be 5.80 or 6.20.

Willie B and family in winners circle


Okay 4th in books and it was interest night. We drew 6.20 for the time and had 18 cars that ran. 2nd round we had 16 as everyone one bought back except 2 guys. There were LOTS of break outs. As you know if you follow or class or run in it break out is a loss and you lose your money no matter what. This is one of the things that makes our class so interesting and just because you have a car that doesn’t quit run the number doesn’t mean you can’t end up with money and doing well. Some like it and some don’t but these are the rules of our class and the foundation of it since it started last year. I myself having fallen to this and lost money, but tonight it worked out to the good for me because the final pair (Kyleigh Sue Green 6.191 with a .027 light giving Paul Polizzo no choice but to try to run her down as he was .070 on the tree he went 6.161) broke out and money rolled back to semi where Paul Polizzo had put me on the trailer so that lose ended up making me winner (by default) and Cody Stafford Runner up money 300. Round 3 there were 3 pairs the 3 loser of that round also broke out causing semi money to roll back to round 2. Six break outs that round ended up getting William Eastwood and Vincent Rangel the semi money of 100.00 each. So as I stated above crazzzzy night of racing. Kyleigh Sue did cut a perfect .000 light round 3 giving her the HIGH PERFORMANCE WORLD perfect reaction bonus. It is 50.00 per race and rolls each race there isn’t a perfect light at so it paid her 200.00. Great job by her and her crew all night. The closes to dial number 100.00 bonus went to Mike Reed for his 6.203 which had been first round against Kyleigh. Another example of why bye back r great Kyleigh bought back first round and ended up in the finals. The closest margin of loss 100 went to me from my semi round with Paul Polizzo where I lost by only .019. So that was the most profitable loss I have seen. After my two last terrible showing I was just happy to get to the semi’s and get some good points for the night.  Last year at Redline I remember Scott Watkins (his first race with us I believe)we were running 6.0, he and Mike Reed both broke out with 5.99’s and their money rolled back. It suxs but it is the name of our game. Thanks to all the racers, sponsors and fans for making our class a great success and a lot of fun to be apart of. See ya’ll next weekend at Redline Raceway May 26th.


The rain got us last night but the make up race is already on the schedule for FRIDAY MAY 18th at UNDER THE LIGHTS AT TXR. 17 cars made it out with pending bad weather you 17 tech cards will be at the gate just let them know you already paid on May 4th they will give u your tech card and then u will turn it into me as usual. If there is a problem at the gate and you paid on May 4th go ahead and pay them for a new one and come to me. I have a list of the members that were there and will get u your money back. If u can’t make the race on the 18th then your next TXR T3T race u will be able to use your tech card from the May 5th rain out. Your crew and family members that were there will need there ticket from last night and it will be used for them to get in also. See u there Friday May 18th.


Okay Redline Raceway 4/27/2012 was a success. 22 cars made the trip to Caddo Mills to Race at our first T3T race of the season there at Redline. We pulled 6.0 out of the hat and boy and girls it is getting tougher every race. Derek Lewis one the 100.00 bonus for closet to dial running a 6.0012. Eddie Varela and Bud Morgan meet again this time it was in round 2. Bud got Eddie but it was soooo close giving Eddie the 100.00 closet margin of lose of the night losing by ONLY .019. Eddie cut a .064 light to Bud .045 and Eddie ran 6.1034 with Bud running 6.1038. It was a awesome race. Had a fan coming up and tell how they loved our class because it is creating very close racing. That made me smile. The more fans the more the track and our sponsor love us. Scott Watkins broke the cruse by beating me first round. It is like a big joke every time Scott and I show up to race rather T3T of another class it seems like we draw each other first  round and I was coming out on top. But that is over Scott sent me packing first round. There were a lot of upset and crazy things Saturday night, Richard Blair debut his new mustang purchases for T3T and it decided to get up and close personal with the railing. Richard was okay and car not to bad. Bobby Moffet new to our class this year left on the line and freaking broke the axle of his beautiful 68* camaro got a little body damage to it as well. Then in the finals Bud and Mike Reed were matched up and racing all out. Bud let go of the tranny break and the stock tranny decided it had enough and broke input shaft and planataries*, oh well it has been a good one Bud like to put on a show for the crowd and it held together long after any stock parts should have. However Mike Reed cut a .04 light on Bud but forgot to turn his nitrous switch on so that made for a little excitment for him as he looked around to see why his truck was hauling it realized seitched it on and then realized Bud wasn’t coming. All that being said it was a little crazy but a lot of fun and we still ran final before 1. Thanks to Redline Raceway and their staff for a great night and a great racing surface the work they have done to the track is made it a even better place to race. Hope to see you guys this Friday night under the Lights as Texas Triple Threat makes their monthly visit to our home track Texas Raceway.

Mike Reed and Buddy Winner 4/27/2012 Redline Raceway









Gary Dale runner up with hired gun Bud Morgan









Well our second race of the season is in the books. Again 23 car on the property great turn out and we picking up more fans.  We had an all out final with Gary Wayne winning with hired gun Bud Morgan driving, however runner up Eddie Varela went red and gave him the win. Eddie was on his game all night he had won the previous two rounds by knocking the bottom out of the tree running 6.30’s against Kyleigh Sue’s 6.203 and Mike Reed’s 6.218 from Eddie working the tree. Great driving job and again  another great point about our class the fastest car isn’t always the victor. Guys this class is getting tougher by the race people are figuring out how to dial their cars in and the new comers r getting better on the tree every time. Rookie driver Kyleigh Sue Green got the 100.00 closest to dial with a 6.203 but got edge out by Eddie Varela who had cut a .031 tree. Randy Thorn won one by only .008 over Bull. I won one by only .002 Paul Harris won one by .012, Bud won one by only .011, New member David Haley won one by only .010 and Vincent Rangel won the 100.00  closet margin lose race bonus with losing by .002. So if that’s not some great side by side tough racing folks I don’t know what is. You better bring your A game and get your TNT time in because this ani’t last year when being close and showing up would get you to the money, your gonna have to earn it now and if you win one of these races under this kind of competition you can proud to say it cause you deserve it. I like to congratulate new member David Haley and Eddie Varela on their trips to the semi and the finals another notable is William Eastwood another old school grudge racer who now has a class to race in as many of our members is coming right around to class racing and improving each time.  THANKS AS ALWAYS to TXR and their staff for a great place to race, to all the racers and fans who came out and most of all to ALL OUR SPONSORS. See ya’ll April 28th at Redline Raceway for our season open there.












Gary Wayne Winner 4/06/2012 TXR










Eddie Varela and Team Runner up 4/06/2012


2012 Shirts r here and limited supply of hoodies get’em while they last









Okay first race of 2012 is in the books. It was a great night, cold but the track was hooking. Thank you Texas Raceway and staff for a great place to race. We had 6 new members and 21 cars racing.  3 other that showed up wanting to race but we had drawn names already. We have another female now Kyleigh Sue raced with us once last year, but Greg said they would be racing the series this year. She did well but lost a shock got a little sideways and had to lift in the second round. Another notable new comer is Cody Stafford he had a excellent first showing out and is a rookie driver also. William Eastwood is a long time grudge racer but just joined us and is the first time he like many have ever competed in any kind of organized racing. He said “I had a blast and can’t wait for the next one” he will get the car and tree figured out. Eddie Varela is new to T3T also but he is a hell of a driver he is definitely gonna be a force to deal with. Bobby Moffet and Eddie Broom joined last night and are gonna race our series this year. They are old school racers with a lot of years under their belts they also are gonna make for hard competition. I’d like to welcome all the new members and thank all the old I feel we are going to have a awesome year. Now for a little run down on last nights racing. Bud and I made it to the finals last night. Paul Polizzo and Tony Thorn made it to the semis. Six people bought back after first round including all four of us that made it to the semi’s. The closest margin of loss 100.00 Bonus went to Cody Stafford when he raced me the margin of victory was only .020.  The closest to time of the night bonus went to me I ran a 5.801, I ALMOST got the High Performance World sponsored bonus for perfect time and I almost loaded myself on the trailer from breaking out.  Tony Thorn came close to it also with a 5.807. There were seven losses last night by red lights 6 of them were were only red by -.026 or less. I promise you guys and girls competition is gonna be tough this year and I look forward to a great year of racing. Thanks to all who came and made or first race a great success and to ALL OUR SPONSORS.


Here it is this years new shirts design worked hard with Darren from raceragz design for them to get my vision, but pretty happy with the way it turned out…………..









2011 Points Winners

Well Party was success. Winners listed above  not pictured Tony Thorn and

Paul Polizzo. We had alot of fun and gave out some cool door prizes. You can see more photos on our FB page or ask to join our FB Group if your aren’t a member. We gave out over $3000.00 worth of money and prizes at banquet not bad for our first year. And more to be paid this year coming up if u weren’t apart of us last year you are missing out.


We will have our Party on Saturday Jan 21st there will be Pizza and drinks and small award presentation from 6 to 7 then bowling from 7 til 9 it is $20.00 a person all sponsors, members(new and old), family and crew are invited. They serve beer here also if u r interested…. I need you to call me asap to reserve you place as I need to let them know how much pizza to have and how many lanes to reserve for us. Sponsor money will be paid by T3T but still need u to make reservation with me. THIS IS A ADULT EVENT. I need to know by ASAP if u plan on coming. THANKS hope to see u all there. AMF LANES in Irving 1717 N Beltline Rd Irving, TX 75061 is address


…………2012 Racing Schedule……….


April 6   or/and 27 TXR***

April 28  Redline Raceway 

May 4 TXR

May 26  Redline Raceway

June 1 TXR

June 23  Redline Raceway


July 28 Redline Raceway ——DBL POINTS RACE——

Aug 3 or 10 TXR***

Aug 25  Redline Raceway

Sept 7 TXR

Sept 22 Redline Raceway

Oct 5 TXR

October 27  Redline Raceway——DLB POINTS RACE——

There also will be non T3T events at TXR On May 27, July 1, and September 2 where our type of cars will be able to run.Working on Banquet/Party Detail still will post as soon as I have worked out. Also we are looking for our 2012 sponsors if u have some or are interested please contact me



The season ending race was open to anyone who fit our rules we had 3 new comers and 9 present members. Dax Mahaffey, David Haley and Troy Byrd came and gave it a try for the first time. Dax had a good showing going to the finals but I pulled it off on the tree taking the win, David had a rough time getting his small tires to hook up and Troy Byrd was trying some larger tires than normal on his and Karla car and couldn’t keep it out of the air every time he tried sitting it down it just grabbed and stood back up. He sure would have won the night wheelie contest if there was one. Mike and Sharon Adcock came out to watch it was good to see them back out at the track. Mike is considering running his vette with us next year and we look forward to the competition, Mike has raced for years and will be a hard racer to get around. Another mentionable is Tom Walker he is 67 years old and runs with us when he can and he puts his self right in there with everyone, I bet he pulls out a win next year. Ronnie Mitchell won the closet to dial again with a 5.811 but was a little to early on the light. Paul Harris won the closet margin of lose 100.00 bonus against me 2nd round where he lost by only .0088. Kelly Duncan missed the perfect reaction time $600.00 bonus sponsored by High Performance World barely he had a .087 light but almost doesn’t count. Roderick Smith and his wife from Precision Racecraft one of our sponsor came out and to support us and it was nice seeing them there. It was a tricky night manoeuvrings the track with 4 oil downs but the staff at Redline Raceway as always did a awesome job of cleaning it and get us back racing. We would like to thank Kelly, Monica, Harry and the whole Redline/Performance Auto Supply for believing in us and giving us a place to race. I would also like to thank Cindi & David McMillan and the whole Texas Raceway staff for supporting us and believing in us as well. We would like to thank Jon Simikic from High Performance World for being our points sponsor and the perfect reaction time bonus sponsor which was only won once this season by John Villareal and on the foot brake no less. As well as ALL OUR SPONSOR we couldn’t do it without them, Please remember them when your in need of something in their related field and some of our sponsor offer discounts to T3T members, mention u r a member when dealing with them. Again trying to plan party/banquet and need head count PLEASE email me or call and let me know you wanna attend. I look forward to next year and seeing who comes out on top then the competition is getting tougher every race. Thanks to all the racers for a great first year.

Shan Morgan winner








Well our final points race of the season turned out 13 cars and 2 more new comers to T3T. David Walker came out with his new truck he built to run T3T with and had an impressive showing for first time out in new truck and combo. 6.20 was the number pulled out of hat. Mike Reed our winner last night ran a 6.201 against me in the 3rd round giving him the closest to dial 100.00 bonus to go with his 1000.00 win over Paul Harris in the finals. Paul and Mike ran all out in the finals Mike ran a 5.85 and Paul had problem down track and had to lift. Paul and Bud ran in semi’s and Paul came out the winner by just barely though. Derek Lewis had Paul Harris in 3rd round of racing and it was a close one also Paul had .023 advantage on the tree and he ran a 6.209 and Derek broke out with a 6.190. Our last two races winner Scott Watkins had nothing but a bad time he went .008 red round 1, so he bought back and second round when he hit the tranny break the truck rocked back out of beams giving him auto red, dang sure wasn’t his night but he is gonna be a force to be dealt with next year. We would like to THANK ALL OUR SPONSORS and please remember them when you need something without them we couldn’t do this. It was a amazing first year of T3T racing we are gonna make a few rule adjustments for next year and look forward to another great season of racing. I know of several people building cars just to run with us and will be ready when the new season starts up. Our final race is next Saturday Oct 15 at Redline Raceway come on out and have some fun. Thanks to the fans for supporting us also……………….The Party/Banquet date will be announced soon and all members, crew and sponsors, and their adult family members are invited to come on out. Keep checking board for date. If u have raced with us this year and I don’t have your contact info please call or email me so I can make sure you know the banquet date.












6.30 RACE 1000.00 to win 500.00 runner up 200.00 semis 100.00 quarters………….4ths tree 50.00 entry










Congrads to Scott Watkins and Crew for making it two in a row and Congrads to Tony Thorn on his runner up Saturday night at Redline Raceway. We had 17 cars and 4 more new members. Thank GOD for a safe night of racing and Redline Raceway staff as always we appreciate the place to race. Jon from High Performance World our largest sponsor made it out and I was proud we made a good showing for him so he can see investing in us was a good decision.  Again Thanks to ALL our sponsor. We have one more Points race left this season at TXR. The winner of the JE sponsored 50 gift card went to Kameron Moyer and 100 Je gift card went to Scott Watkins. The 100 closet to time which was won with a 5.806 was won by Kelly Duncan. The points championship is coming down to the race for the top 5 so it should be a great night or racing. Actually the whole top 8 drivers is a race because there top 15 are close enough you don’t know who is gonna make it in. THe top 8 in points will receive trophy’s and alittle bit money gonna be interesting to so how it works out. So get them cars dialed in it is gonna be 6.00 or 6.20 for the final points race.  We also have a season close out race on Oct 15 at Redline raceway to get together and have some fun. We will be having a awards ceremony/get together I’m working on the details for that now. It hopefully will be at first of December any T3T member, family, and or crew will be invited to join us along with our sponsors. Thank you to all who came out Saturday and will see you at the track. I’m alittle under the weather today so forgive me if I have forgotten anything.

Scott Watkins and Crew 2 in a row

Tony Thorn and Crew Runner Up












First and foremost I would like to thank God for a fun and  safe night of racing at the track, Secondly………..BIG OL’ CONGRADS goes to Scott Watkins he finally got him one and didn’t break out. Paul Harris was in the finals with him and went .002 red. However in my opinion you can’t be to mad about .002 you aren’t trying hard enough if you don’t get you a red every now and then, no matter how disappointed you are at the time. We had a total of 14 cars there last night. 6.20 was the time pulled. Inthe Semi’s we had Paul Harris vs Shan Morgan he got me a little on the tree and we both ran down and had to try and slow down not to break out he ran a 6.247 to my 6.256 and got the win over me by .0264. But that made me the loser of the closet margin of victory race of the night giving me the 100.00 Bonus. Paul Harris redlight in the finals also rolled the runner up money back to me from the semi round.  Paul Polizzo vs Scott Watkins was our other semi round and Paul Polizzo went .020 red(costing him his semi money unfortunately) it wasn’t a good night for green for Paul’s it would seem.(Lol). I would like to thank everyone who came out and raced with us. The JE Piston sponsor Gift Certificates were won by Greg Moss and Derek Lewis. Greg also was a lucky guy he ended up with a 100.00 from the redlight in the semi’s and finals causing all the money roll back. I also would like to thank TXR and the staff for giving us a AWESOME racing surface all night and all our sponsors. Again no one got the perfect reaction bonus from Title Sponsor High Performance World making that a 500.00 bonus at Redline…………IF you can get that perfect reaction time. See all ya’ll this coming Saturday at Redline Raceway. Only 2 more points race left this year.

Scott Watkins Winner 09/02/2011 TXR








Well here we go………..Congrads goes out to Tony Thorn and crew on their win Saturday at Redline Raceway. Also to John Mathis for his runner up in only his second race with us. We had 14 cars run and 6.0 was the time drawn. No one won the HIGH PERFORMANCE WORLD sponsored perfect light bonus so it is now up to 450.00 for the next race. WOW!!!!! Who wouldn’t love to win that? I know I would as they sell everything we need for our race cars including fuel and Mickey Thompson slicks. Kelly Duncan won the closet to dial 100.00 bonus by running a 6.0022 not bad being it was his first time to run with us and even try to get the dial. Close to him was Tony Thorn with a 6.0030 and John Mathis ran a 6.0094 to edge me out second round by .0181, it was a close race I covered him on the tree and he put me down at the line. John next round put up another side by side race against Derek Lewis they ran 6.0449/6.0447 and both had good lights it came down to John edging Derek out by .0069 making for another great race and giving Derek the 100.00 closest margin of loss bonus. There was some great side by side action. In the first round Scott Watkins and another new member Steve Lathem both broke out so it ended their night but Scott ran 5.9991 and Steve 5.9989 so close to 6.0 make u sick. In the finals John and Tony ran all out with motor to nitrous and the hit going to Tony and his motor only it ended up being another close one with Tony running a 5.91 to John 5.94. We are all getting better at this stuff and it makes up for a good ol’ fun night of racing. I even think I’m getting alittle better at being a reporter…..LOL So until our next race September 2 at TXR don’t forget our SPONSORS they sticking by us so PLEASE stick by them.

Tony Thorn and Crew Winner 8/20/2011 Redline Raceway

John Mathis runner up 8/20/2011 Redline Raceway

Well Congrads to Mike Reed on his win kinda fitting after the disappoint break out loss at our last race at Redline. We had 12 cars on the property 2 didn’t get to meeting so the didn’t get in drawing we pulled 5.80 for the night.So we had 10 in the race. Like to welcome new members John Mathis, Big Johnny and Steve Lathem.  Keith Williams won the 100.00 JE PISTONS sponsored gift card and Hollis/Moss won the 50.00 JE PISTON sponsored gift card. Michael Hollis came dang close to the $300.00 High Performance World Perfect light bonus with a .001 light, however .001 isn’t perfect so the next race the the High Performance World Bonus goes to $350.00. The semi action came down to Keith Williams and Me (Shan Morgan) he cut .004 light to my .022 and we ran down to the line with him running a 5.780 to my 5.789 which put us both out. Next up was Mike Reed and Michael Hollis driving Greg Moss beautiful red camaro Michael cut the tree down with a .001 light to Reed’s .081 but he just couldn’t get the nitrous figured out since they are just starting to run with us and Reed got the win with a 5.930. So that ended up being our Final since Keith and I were both out. So Mike Reed gets the win and Holllis/Moss get runner up. The semi money went back to Bud Morgan and John Mathis. Thanks again to all the racers and fans who came. To GOD for another safe night of racing, TXR and all their staff and to ALL OUR SPONSORS for supporting us. See ya’ll next Saturday night at REDLINE RACEWAY August 20th where the time to run will be 6.0 or 6.20.




Well Congrads goes out again to Gary Wayne and hired gun Bud Morgan the won the money by default. New member Scott Watkins went the the final against past winner Mike Reed……..If was a great side by side final However they both broke out with Reed running a 5.9912 to Watkins 5.9959 great race but sad ending for them. Mike Reed won the 50.00 JE Piston Sponsored gift card and Tony Thorn won the 100.00 JE Piston sponsored gift card. No one won the perfect reaction time gift card from sponsored by HIGH PERFORMANCE WORLD in Garland so it now goes up to 300.00 it is going to be a nice prize when someone gets it. They sell tires, fuel and all things need for us racers. Also remember that ALL T3T members receive and additional 10% off racer discounted price at HPW so don’t forget to call them and remember to ask for your 10% off as well. OUR SPONSOR HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE USE THEM WHEN SERVICES R NEEDED. CLick on their links to the right to find their contact info or go to www.t3tdragracing.com………..There r only 5 more points races for the 2011 Inaugural Race Season who will be crowned our First EVER “T3T” Champion?????Thanks to Redline Raceway staff and all fans and racers and most of all to GOD for another great night of safe and fun racing….REMEMBER OUR NEXT RACE AUG 12 at TXR!!!!!!!!!!!!updates 7/30/2011 Redline Raceway. One last thing Thanks to EVERYONE who bought raffle tickets or donated for the Byrd family. Special thanks go out to F A R T Racing Team for their generous donation and Max Cackle Photography who donated also and was there taking photos so if u didn’t get one go to their site and look and get u one. www.maxcacklephotos.com



Congrads AGAIN to Gary Wayne and hired gun Bud Morgan on their win lastnight at TXR. Congrads to go out to Derek Lewis on his appearance in the finals also. It was a great final the guys ran all out Big burns outs, dry hops, tree games and all that equaled crowd pleasing fun and a dang close race. Bud left of Derek alittle, Derek blew the tires off 3 times and still ran back to lose by only .060 on the big end. Mike Reed went to the semis and ran a 6.208 but lost to Buds 6.26. Mike had been cutting great lites all night but Bud cut .018 and Mike was alittle slow that round. It was a great fun night of racing we had 14 cars there and several points status changes came out of the evening. The JE PISTON SPONSORED Gift certificates went to Keith Williams/Donny Boy and Derek Lewis. Cody Jones ran the closest to dial in a winning round with a 6.202 to win the 100.00 Bonus. The closet margin of victory race of the night was between Me and my husband who again beat me but only by .0082 there for giving me the 100.00 bonus for being the closet loser all night. LOL No one got the HIGH PERFORMANCE WORLD perfect light bonus again so the bounty goes up to 300.00 for the next race. The guys r getting better at this “cap” racing stuff had alot of close runs Gaylen went a 6.198, Blair went 6.208 Bud went 6.204 Cody J went 6.202 Mike Reed went 6.208 so the competition is getting tough. Thanks again to ALL OUR SPONSOR and all who came out to race with us and watch. Our next race is July 30th at Redline Race and the number will be 6.0 or 5.80 so get them cars ready. I’m not a sports writer but I’m trying……………LOL Updates 7/01/2011 TXR


Up dates From Redline Raceway Saturday June 11th

We had 13 cars 2 new members and another new winner. Congrads to Gary Wayne, son Koby and driver Bud Morgan on their win. I also went to the finals and got put on the trailer in an all out race by my husband. Congrads to Gaylen Smith on his trip to the semi’s. Gaylen and Bud also had the closest race of the night in the semis with both of them 6.03 the margin of victory being .0173 it was and awesome side by side race. The JE PISTON SPONSOR GIFT CARDS were won by Jimmy Blevins and New member Tom Walker. Ronnie Mitchell won semi money as well as Gaylen Smith. No one got a perfect reaction time so the High Performance World Sponsor “Bounty Money” for perfect light is now up to $250.00 for the race July 1 at Texas Raceway.

Gary Wayne Winner Redline Raceway 6/11/2011

Congrads to Paul Harris on his win 5.804 and his 100.00 bonus for closet to cap of the night. Tony Thorn visited the finals with Paul but broke out. So r/u money rolled back to Brent Baker but he also had broke out so the money rolled back and found a home with next in line which was Derek Lewis. Paul Polizzo was the winner of the 100.00 closest margin of victory race with a loss by .0260 I believe. The JE gift cars were won by Keith Williams and Richard Blair. Thanks to all who came out see you Saturday at Redline Raceway



*****UPDATES FROM Saturday night at Redline Raceway*****

We had 15 cars, 4 new members and quite a few changes in the points standing. Points standing r updated on the points page.

I want to thank everyone who came out and our sponsors. I won my first one it was fun. Congrads to Spencer Johnson on his R/U and $300.00 in his 2nd race with us. Tony Thorn his visit to the semi’s. Ronnie Mitchell won the 100.00 bonus for closest to cap of night with a 6.020. 100.00 bonus for closest margin of victory race loser goes to Greg Drake he lost by .004. Ronnie Mitchell also won 100.00 JE Piston gift card in the drawing.  No one cut a perfect light, so the 50.00 gift card from HIGH PERFOMANCE WORLD will roll to a 150.00 gift card at the next race. Thanks to everyone who came out and hope to see u next all at our next race on June 3rd at Texas raceway.

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS. Please visit them when in need of any racing needs.

Shan Morgan winner 5/14/2011 Redline Raceway

Spencer Johnson R/U Redline Raceway 5/14/2011

Mike Reed and Family Winner 5/6/2011 Texas Raceway

Spencer Johnson Runner Up at TXR

Winner from Redline April 16th Willie “B” Foster

Kyleigh Sue runner at Redline her first race ever